“Have guns, will travel”.

The Rough Rovers is a roving syndicate created to seek out and deliver the best, most exhilarating walked up, mini-driven and driven shooting on different estates throughout the country, at a sensible price. Our focus is very much on the enjoyment of the day for all rather than the size of the bag, and whether beating, shooting or picking-up we pride ourselves on being very much a team.

This season we have so far over 80 days in the Calendar with more to be booked in for December and January.  These range from walked up and small driven grouse days, driven days from 50 -200 bird days and a huge choice of smaller walked up/mini-driven days including wild bird shooting later in the season.  We have developed some excellent relationships with shoot owners and Keepers alike and have received some rare invitations to many Private Estates.

Those wanting to start game shooting, irrespective of age, are more than welcome to come along on our days. It can be a difficult sport to break into and our members will readily offer advice and instruction out in the field. We provide prudent and practical guidelines for those who want to make a start. It can be difficult to find days where one can shoot over one’s own dogs: we encourage our members to bring their dogs on the majority of our days, whether a novice or more experienced. Guns are also welcome to work their dogs, beating or picking up, rather than shoot, to simply give them practice in the field.

There is a strong social side to The Rough Rovers which we feel is very important. When possible we meet up for breakfast at the start the day and everyone pitches in with food and drink for Elevenses, except on the driven days where the hospitality is provided.  Our Elevenses have got slightly competitive over the last few years which is great news for those of us not blessed with culinary skills. Of course at the end of the day we welcome those that can stay to eat or at least have a drink in the local pub to talk through the day’s highs and lows.

We also try to keep in touch out of season with different events such as simulated shoots, days at the Races, Charity Shoots but undoubtedly the highpoint is the AGM and Awards ceremony in February.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Rough Rovers simply complete the form on the contact page and we shall get back to you.



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