The majority of the days that we include in our calendar are walked up and mini-driven boundary days although this season we have at present sixteen full driven days ranging from 60-200 birds well on some fantastic Estates. We shoot all over the country and are constantly adding new locations and shoots recommended by our seasoned Members.


These days offer an opportunity to get back to the traditional roots of British shooting: definitely the most exciting and challenging form of the sport as every shot can be different. It demands full concentration, quick reactions and most importantly awareness of who and what is around you. These days are a great opportunity to shoot over your own dogs or to simply give them and you more experience that often isn’t easy to find.

Our days vary considerably starting with walked up grouse in August on the Yorkshire moors, then English and French partridge in September over varying game covers and finally in October when the pheasants join the quarry list. We always include a few ‘back-to-back’ days of wild bird shooting that are extremely popular. This season’s calendar currently offers days on fifteen estates in eight different counties in the UK all presenting their own individual challenges and varied topography.


As the more popular and formal form of shooting in the British Isles driven days offer something completely different to the walked-up discipline. Due to the requests of our members we have increased the number of driven days in this season’s calendar. The days are all quite modest in size offering a range of quarry across the country. We can also arrange private days for members on any of the estates we shoot and these can be tailored to the desired bag size or budget.

If you are interested in receiving this season’s calendar simply complete the form on the contact page we’ll forward it on to you.

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