Strong Response to 2017-18 Calendar

This season’s Calendar has nearly been out a month and it is just over 70% full which is amazing. I have to confess to being slightly anxious as we have added quite a few more days this year. The input that I received from everyone who shot last year was extremely helpful and I think we have got an excellent range of shooting to suit everyone. The majority of the days are, as expected, smaller walked up/mini driven boundary days but we do have a few driven days throughout the season. The only disappointment from my end was that I struggled to find sufficient suitable grouse shooting for those that were keen. The majority of the moors were reluctant to offer any walked up days as they are understandably keen to sell the more lucrative driven days. I am continuing to look for additional days and will keep you posted.

As quite a few days were filled very quickly I have managed to book some additional days on several Estates. I shall probably send these out to Members next week and to Non-Members the following week.

If you need any further information on any of the days or have a question relating to anything else do get in touch.