The Rough Rovers MacNab Challenge

Dear Members,

With the first week of lock down over I hope you are all managing to cope with everything.  As expected things seem to change rapidly, one day we are told to expect six months of social distancing and the next that hospital admissions are dropping.  Hopefully we shall come out of this sooner than expected if everyone continues to do their bit.

In view of the fact that we have so much time on our hands I thought it the perfect time to launch The Rough Rovers MacNab Challenge which after a lot of input from several Members we have decided to simplify for the first season and perhaps make any alterations next year.

For those of you who are unaware the existing MacNab Challenge was borne of the novel ‘John MacNab’ written by John Buchan (39 steps).  In summary, three very enthusiastic sportsmen with time on their hands lay down a challenge to two Estates in Scotland that on a certain day they will successfully poach a salmon and a Red Stag and manage to them off the Estate without being caught by the gamekeepers.  It’s a good read although a Scottish Dictionary would be helpful.  The modern day MacNab has morphed into shooting a Red Stag, a brace of grouse and catching a salmon on the fly.  As you may know some people have invested a huge amount of time and money in pursuit of achieving the challenge and it is our intention to make it more accessible and fun.

The Rough Rovers MacNab Challenge (RRMC) is loosely based on the above in that Fur, Feather(x2)  and Fin must all be hunted in a single 24 hour period spanning one calendar day.  The full rules and regulations plus a scoring sheet can be found at the end of this email.  I appreciate that very few of us currently have access to land or opportunity to make an attempt so I thought we would launch The Covid Cup for this season which can run alongside the MacNab.  Basically, using the existing scoring system, it will be cumulative score during the off season (ends 11th August).  In order to be even more inclusive your own photographs of relevant wildlife can  be submitted and if the species is not included on the current scorecard we shall add it (e.g. woodpecker, kingfisher, otter).  In order to put some cash in the MacNab coffers (see Rules & Regs) each entry will cost £1 with 15 entries for a tenner.  The winner will of course be invited to the RRMC dinner and receive a trophy.

Please see below for the description of the MacNab challenge and the current scoring system.

All the best and stay safe.

Phil M