October – Season so far

We have a had a great start to the season once over the disappointment of a couple of our grouse days being cancelled.  The Scottish Trip was a huge success and is cemented into next season’s calendar.  There was ambitious talk of taking a large house for a week next year and inviting Members to come up for shooting, stalking and fishing!  It may happen but I think would hit both the liver and the wallet quite hard.  We have had a couple of new Members cutting their walked up teeth on the dog training days, with many others shooting Grey (English) Partridge for the first time with claims of several left and rights.  The new ground we are shooting near Staunton in Gloucestershire has been a popular success with the Keeper learning more about the ground each time it is shot.  We have had some excellent partridge days and now the pheasants are in it is set to get even better.

As always the weather is playing an integral part at this time of year and Keepers are keeping their fingers crossed for some colder weather to hold the birds and to get the leaves falling.  Some rain would be most welcome to bring a lot of the game cover on and fill up some of the water courses and splashes that bring in some of the wild birds that are an integral part of many of our walked up days.

We do have a few places still available this month and November due to cancellations but I do not think we shall add any more.  We shall probably add a few dates in December and a lot more in January once the shoots have seen what they have left.  I shall try and put a revised and updated version of the calendar out at the beginning of each week so you can keep abreast of any new dates and cancellations.

Simply click on the link below and if you have any questions about any of the days please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Phil x